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Two female warriors

Posted by: bLOGismo on: November 22, 2011

Two female fighters were having a dual. One of the girls fighting style was weak and pathetic, but she wasn’t done yet. As they continued to fight, the supposedly weak fighter bound her opponent with rope, leaving her helpless and defenseless. It was at that point that she usually would whip her bound victim. This time, she decided to use her victim in a different way.

The woman fighter was tired of being unsatisfied sexually and has had no luck in finding a man that would let her perform nasty sexual deeds to them, this time she was going to get what she craved! She told the girl not to worry; she was going to bring pleasure instead of pain. She started with a sensual kiss, and then slowly moving down to her erect nipples. She sucked and licked her opponent`s nipples and then worked her way down to the dripping wet pussy that her female fighter had waiting for her mouth! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW FOR INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL ADULT MANGA

Black and white Japanese BDSM artwork

Posted by: bLOGismo on: November 10, 2011

Bound with rope, these girls are ready to submit themselves to any and all punishment. Nipple clamps painfully clamp on the girls that have their breasts exposed, girls with rope binding their hands behind their back get ready to squirted with warm pee from their dominating master, hands tightly tied and hung from the ceiling get fondled and stared at by the peers as the humiliation starts to set in. These are just some of the amazing bondage black and white Japanese bondage picture sets that you will see here!

Watch as girls are forced to submit their bodies for others` viewing and touching pleasure. Desires are fulfilled as pleasure and pain collide! Women bend over at the command of their master and obey every order like a good submissive girl should! The most erotic of black and white bondage art awaits you! See your bondage fantasies come to life!

Ancient Japanese drawing

Posted by: bLOGismo on: October 30, 2011

Black and white pictures of ancient Japanese drawings of bondage are here for your viewing pleasure! The most beautiful of girls get their hands and ankles bound by tight rope and are forced to obey every sexual command from their dominating sex master!

Exposed tits get wrapped in the binding rope and become swollen with pain from the extreme pressure! Women made to bend over and show their lovely asses to those who desire to admire! Horny guys taking advantage of their bound women get to use their submissive bodies in any and every way they wish. See acts of humiliation mixed with pleasure and pain. Girls suspended in the air from trees get their bodies violated in a variety of ways. There are no rules in the world of black and white drawings. Taboo thoughts become a virtual reality as your deepest desires are acted out in the most beautiful and stimulating drawings! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW FOR INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL ADULT MANGA

BDSM Manga story

Posted by: bLOGismo on: October 20, 2011

With the president in his limo, he stumbles across an old beat down tavern. His first thoughts were to have the old tavern torn down and maybe he would fancy putting a massage parlor there instead! As she walks into the bar, he is greeted with kindness. As he starts to express his ideas for knocking the tavern down and replacing it with a massage parlor, the owners of the bar plea with him to change his mind!

The president accepts the begging owner`s wishes, under one condition. He looks as a beautiful woman who worked there at the bar. He desires her and being the president means never hearing taking no for an answer! The girl is unhappy with the deal but plays submissive to his sexual advances. He tells her to let it happen, and starts to suck on her erect nipples before moving his fingers down to her craving cunt! Wild fantasies and XXX fetishes are ignited like a HOT FLAME inside!

Detective in Danger

Posted by: bLOGismo on: October 10, 2011

A detective goes the location where she is supposed to be working as an undercover cop. She soon finds herself in trouble when she walks in and sees a girl wearing nothing but panties, her tits exposed and bound by rope. Down her panties is a gun that is ready to fire at any minute! Bound by rope and gagged, there is nothing the girl can do but hope for the best!

The price of letting the hostage go is greater than the detective could ever expect. She is offered the hostage in exchange for the detective`s pussy! She gives in and offers up her twat to save a life. She subjects herself to the man`s every sexual desire, whatever he wants to do to the woman detective, he does! During the cock abuse, she finds herself getting surprisingly turned on and then begins to beg for more of a cock pounding! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW FOR INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL ADULT MANGA

Ancient Japanese BDSM artworks

Posted by: bLOGismo on: September 30, 2011

The most beautiful of Japanese women are bound by ropes that go around their bodies and leaving their breasts exposed for those to admire. Each girl is carefully wrapped up tightly in the neatest of knots, ensuring true restraint of the submissive women. After they are tied up, they get humiliated and embarrassed as men come to admire their asses, pussies and tits that are now swollen from the pressure from the rope that binds them.

Being restrained, they can do nothing but take on every touch and feel from a stranger’s hand and every look and stare from people that are interested in their private parts. All of the girls are tied up into the positions of their bondage master and to his satisfaction. While some have their asses exposed up in the air, others get their legs pulled wide open for the world to see! See all the beautifully drawn artworks now!

Ancient Japanese artworks

Posted by: bLOGismo on: September 20, 2011

Beautiful Japanese women with soft skin, pretty faces and gorgeous eyes are ready for action. With their bodies and their hands tightly bound by thick and heavy rope, their masters every sexual desire and command will be fulfilled. They are admired with their tits encased between the bound rope, making their fleshy mountains red and swollen.

Suspended in the air by the ropes that bind them, they are subjected to be starred at and admired from up close and far away. Their beautiful hair flows down their necks and around their faces. Nice apple bottoms are showcases as the girls are slightly bent over and ready for any sexual desires to be fulfilled upon them. Legs get spread wide open for admires to look at closely and dream of how it would feel with their meaty cocks shoved deep inside their tight love holes and how pleasurable it would be feel upon their fuck sticks.


Busty Hardcore Lesbians

Posted by: bLOGismo on: September 10, 2011

These busty hentai lesbians start by seducing each other and caressing their bodies. Sensual kissing and light tit rubbing gets these girls all warmed up. This time, they crave more than just a creamy craving cunt; they crave the taste of a man! With two cocks at their service, they take their time on each one, savoring the flavor of their fuck sticks with each lick of their tongues and with each suck of their mouths.

They use their soft delicate hands to stroke off the raging hardons as they take turns shoving the cocks into their mouth, one by one, and then both at the same time. They love their new job as cock suckers and can`t seem to get enough! They want more than just the taste of flesh; they want the taste of their warm man juices! With stroking, licking and sucking, they get their first taste of cum unleashed into their mouths!


Brunette Lady’s Japanese manga adventure

Posted by: bLOGismo on: August 30, 2011

A girl and her boyfriend start to engage in a sexual fantasy of their own! He takes her soft breasts and gently squeezes them and then moves his tongue across her nipples, making them erect from pleasure. He climbs on top of her to kiss her inviting mouth, before moving down to her naughty area. Her craving pussy is in need of a good tongue lashing session, and that`s exactly what she gets! All of her sweet pussy juices are licked up by her boyfriend, as she moans out pleasurable noises that encourage him to continue. When he is finished, her twat gushes out a heavy flow of cum all over the place from her intense climax!

All of the hardcore action was videotaped by their friend who had a camcorder to catch the steamy action as it unfolded right before his eyes! Hardcore Japanese toon porn is illustrated with the highest of detail, allowing you to view each moment close-up!

Wild fantasies and XXX fetishes are ignited like a HOT FLAME inside!

Neighbor jerking off peeking at hot blonde chick

Posted by: bLOGismo on: August 20, 2011

A horny man in his apartment found out on night that he has a better view than he ever thought! As he looked out of his window, he could see a young woman moving around in her apartment. Before too long, he saw her starting to undress right before his very eyes! He couldn’t believe what he was seeing! His cock grew with excitement and there was nothing left to do but to stroke his horny monster. With every piece of article of clothing that came off, he jerked his meat even harder and faster.

When he finally saw her completely naked, he could hardly contain himself! He stroked faster and faster, jerking harder each time until his dick erupted like a volcano spitting out cum! The hot blonde neighbour never knew that her incredible body accented with her perfect titties, helped a man climax to a mind blowing orgasm!

Wild fantasies and XXX fetishes are ignited like a HOT FLAME inside!


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